Real Estate Services


GM property developers undertakes the rental of your property or your business space, as well as undertakes to find for you the property that suits you.

Purchases – Sales

The company GM property developers undertakes to find you the property of your dreams or your business space and even to sell your property in a large network from Greece and abroad.

Investment Advisors

We provide real estate investment consulting services for individuals, professionals, companies, investors. GM property developers know and study the real estate market on a daily basis and provide high quality consulting services for the profit of the investor.

Real estate management

We undertake the management of your financial assets with consistency and professionalism. Feel safe and secure for the highest possible care, but also the return of your property. All you have to do is trust us with your key.

Real Estate Appraisals

The civil engineers of our company can undertake the appraisal of your property for:

  • Valuation of commercial value for buying or selling real estate or investment
  • Estimation of commercial rent for lease or lease
  • Commercial value assessment for judicial use
  • Estimation of commercial value of real estate for debt settlement
  • Estimation of commercial value of energy investments